We’ve had a very positive personal experience in dealing with all the companies, individuals, and organizations that are listed below. We highly recommend all of them that might meet your needs.

We have Partnered with Hilight Projects since 2012 and it has been very rewarding for us. We work with a wide range of members who use our website for services they need. The management team at Hilight is always available to help us whenever we need assistance. Our association always recommends this professional business for your creative needs.

Canada-Russia Chamber of Commerce Association

Mikhail has worked diligently in the background making my pages look exactly the way I had hoped for. Whenever I do not know how to do it myself, Mikhail comes to the rescue and I mean it like SOS… He is great and very studious in finding solutions to my needs in WordPress. There is not a task that he is not willing to tackle!

Gabriella van Rij, WAMM

We ordered a website from Hilight Projects that would have a clean and professional look. Mike was a person who was easy to communicate and cooperate with. He went beyond the requirements and not only completed website design, but also suggested how to organize the content on the website in terms of usability. That was the first stage of the project. We will also have Hilight Projects integrate an eLearning Management System in near future.

Alex Sterelyukhin, Business Owner, West School of Estimators

We set the objectives for the website and didn’t tell anything about the look and functionality. When we received the first mockup, we were surprised how Hilight Projects organically compiled all the received graphics and data. When talking to Mike, we had an impression that he had worked in our industry for a long time, we exchaged the ideas on how the website may help run the business.
Hilight Projects not only met but exceeded our expectations. We gladly recommend this company to all businesses who plan to establish or improve their Internet presence.

Anita Mar, Business Owner, Pitt Meadows Athletic Club

After dealing with other web design companies, we were pleased and surprised how easy it was to set the business goals for the website. At Hilight Projects they clearly understand the customer’s business needs.
After three months of SEO campaign, as it was promised, our site got the top Google placement in our targeted segment of the market. Awesome job!

Lena Dubman, Business Owner, 49 PARALLEL

In the beginning, it took me a while to put Mike of Hilight Projects on the right track of my design perception. Then it came along and he delivered the design exactly the way I wanted. We received the product that is easy to manage. Also, he trained us how to upload, edit, and rearrange photos in the albums.

Eugene Neyman, Business Owner, Jenia Design and Finishing

Mike of Hilight Projects designed the layout and look for my blog, I made the banner. We also worked together to create a new site for The Fraser Valley Astrological Guild. Mike is such a delight to work with and the results are spectacular.

Anne Massey, Anne Massey Astrology Blog

We got such a powerful tool to help us communicate with our partners and customers. Hilight Projects maintains the site, manages the content, and upload new photos to the site. We don’t have to worry about things that are not related to our main business activity. The profit from just one contract that came from the website covered all its cost.

Olga Bron, Office Manager, Arcstream Metal Works