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Professional, Yet Affordable Website Design

Hilight Projects builds websites that compliment efforts of business owners and company managers to get higher exposure for products and services and build a brand name. When a business activity is not based in one particular location, a website is the most effective and affordable way to advertise and promote products and services, communicate with the customers by providing comprehensive information, accept orders and receive feedback and provide photo galleries, message boards and other visual and interactive means of communication. We build both basic static websites and sophisticated Internet portals that are based on Content Management Systems (CMS) allowing a user to take full or partial control of editing and updating site content without having any programming knowledge.

What are the qualities of a good website?

  • attractive look
  • easy to read and navigate
  • relevant visuals
  • logical content
  • search engine friendly
  • clean and valid code
  • easy to maintain

What It Takes to Build a Website?

When a typical Internet surfer runs across a website on the net, he or she spends less than 10 seconds to decide whether the content is worthy to read or not. You need to convey a very positive first impression that will create further interest to learn about your products and services. It’s very difficult to achieve such an effect, and that makes building a website a complicated task.

A web design includes at least three incompatible characteristics that demand skills in visual arts, programming, and marketing. Choosing a designer is not easy. You may pick a web designer by looking at a portfolio, but do you determine whether a website will be coded properly? Will the designer know how to make it search engine friendly and how to promote it on the Internet?

We Create a Professional Website and meet your budget

Someone who wants an informational site similar to a brochure can have it built forĀ  $300. The designer will probably use a template or a cheap web-builder program and some people learn enough to do it themselves. This approach won’t work for branding, company identity, enhanced functionality, and marketing deployment. The website that will help to accomplish these goals may cost thousands of dollars because highly paid professionals are involved. Sometimes that is not feasible for a small business and it has to find a workaround. This is a niche for us because we are a small business too and we have found an effective way to perform this task by using professionals who are capable of completing the whole process of building websites from taking and negotiating orders to programming and getting the website to the top position in search engines. We are a freelance company. We don’t have sales people or administrative workers. The job will be handled by one or two people, so there will never be miscommunication between us.

We specialize in building professional custom-designed and search engine friendly websites at affordable rates. A basic WordPress website starts at $600

All our websites are SEO-ready, and the basic package includes the following:

  • up to 6 graphic elements (icons, bullets, buttons)
  • up to 6 processed photographs
  • content integration
  • navigation with roll over effects
  • uploading, setup, and testing on the server
  • 3 months of technical support and small changes

What do we need before starting to build a website?

  1. Initial meeting or an on-line consultation
  2. Setting the goal or the purpose for the website
  3. Written content for all pages: home, about, products, services, contacts, testimonials, a tagline, mission statement…
  4. Graphic materials: photographs of products, people, the office, production area, fleet; a logo, banners, and flyers if available
  5. Domain name – everything in a name

What do we do next?

  1. Payment, usually a half of the order
  2. Production of two mock-ups to choose from – 1 week
  3. Another meeting or consultation
  4. Production: graphic processing, design, and coding – 1-2 weeks
  5. Another meeting
  6. Improvements to meet the customer’s expectation and testing – 1 week
  7. Final Payment
  8. Uploading to the server, setup
  9. Customer training if requested – 2 hours