native art fish supportHilight Projects provides a one-year warranty on all custom websites we build. Whenever, within a year, you find any technical issue with your website, we will fix it free of charge. If the site is exploited, we will provide the site’s original backup. If it is hosted with us, we will restore it on the web server.

What is included in website support services?

Website maintenance may include content updates, website backup, software upgrade, and domain and hosting management.
We also repair, rebuild, recode, and redesign websites that are not made by us. We can maintain websites that are built by other web design companies on the condition that they meet current web standards.

Our one-year warranty and support covers:

  • The workmanship and quality of the website
  • Any defects and technical problems found with the website
  • Protection and Restoration services in case of exploitation
  • Any modifications and updates to the website performed by us
  • Instructing the client on usability of the website
  • Phone and email support response within 24 hours

We would provide a lifetime warranty, but the Web is an ever-changing living environment. From time to time, the technology behind the websites has to be rebuilt to sustain the performance. Unlike print products, websites have technical characteristics, such as robustness, speed, searchability, security, and many other that must be compatible wiith other Internet technologies. Websites have to be supported and maintained.

Why is website repair so expensive?

Unfortunately, like any other mechanical or electronic repair work, website repair is performed by a highly-educated and experienced IT personnel, and it requires troubleshooting and using many virtual tools. Because we are a freelance company, our rates are fairly low, $60 per hour. Initial on-line diagnostics, an estimate, and consultation are free. After you provide us with all of the website’s files or access to your hosting account, we will be able to build a quote.

Limitation of our services

Web technology is a vast spectrum of web-applications, scripts and tools. We support only the range that is the most popular, reliable, and cost-effective. We support XHTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, AJAX